Accused of a Crime? You Have Rights.

Retain a criminal defense attorney in the Saint Louis, Missouri area.

Do you know what to do if you're accused of a crime in Missouri? Don't resist arrest; be respectful toward the police officers. Don't say or write anything because it will be used against you in court. The most important rule? Reach out to Smith Brown, LLC ASAP. Your criminal defense attorney will be at your side throughout the legal process.

We understand that criminal law is confusing, but your criminal defense attorney will help you navigate the legal process. Call 314-467-0529 now to discuss your case with an attorney. Schedule an appointment with an attorney in Bridgeton or Overland, MO.

No case is too complex for our attorneys

It doesn't matter what kind of criminal charge you're facing - Smith Brown, LLC can help with your solid criminal defense. We take cases that involve:

Armed Criminal Action



Breaking and entering


Child abuse

Credit card fraud

Domestic violence

Discharging a firearm

Drug distribution

Drug possession


Identify theft







Weapons charges

Your attorney will interview witnesses and gather evidence in your favor.
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