Don't Just Pay Off a Traffic Ticket

Get help from a speeding ticket in Bridgeton or Overland, MO

When you get a speeding ticket, you probably just want to pay the fine and move on, but that would be a mistake. Paying the fine is the same as pleading guilty. You need to hire a speeding ticket attorney from Smith Brown, LLC in Bridgeton or Overland, MO.

If you just pay off the speeding ticket, you could face...

Higher insurance premiums
Points being added to your license
License suspension or revocation

Don't take the risk. Call 314-467-0529 now to make an appointment with a speeding ticket attorney in Bridgeton or Overland, MO.

We can also handle other municipal matters, such as theft, stealing, property violations and warrant recalls.

Speak with a DUI attorney and protect your driving privileges

A drunk driving conviction could result in hefty fines, license suspension and even jail time. It could also ruin your reputation permanently. If you've been accused of drunk driving, you need a DUI attorney in your corner. Our attorneys will pursue dropped or reduced charges.

Don't gamble with your freedom or your driving privileges. Schedule a consultation with a DUI attorney today.